iN2020 Giveaway

In addition to artistic and industry offerings, imagineNATIVE will be ‘gifting from the spirit and for the spirit’. Items and goods will be gifted through physical and digital giveaways throughout the Festival highlighting Indigenous artists and companies. Grounded in expressions of generosity, the giveaways will acknowledge the continued support and work from our communities. This year will mark an opportunity for imagineNATIVE to mobilize and connect in new, creative and exciting ways!  

We are grateful to the artisans, Indigenous-owned companies and organizations that have partnered with us in gifting to our Festival participants and attendees this year.

In seeking to support our community and kin through a global pandemic, we have been working with large-scale companies to offer over $20,000 in gift cards for food and health care products. Additionally, we have purchased gift packages from Indigenous-owned companies and makers across our Nations to share with audiences and artists through a daily draw during the Festival.

Whether it be food, body care, literature, art, apparel or traditional hand-made items, we have sought out a variety of products that will support and uplift our community. We see these gifts as a gesture of hope and solidarity and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do! 

Same-day or Multi-pass holders at the imagineNATIVE 2020 Festival can opt-in from the confirmation email to win gift cards from the following:
Attend any or all of the following events and more and get a chance to win gift cards from indigenous-owned companies. Keep your eyes out on social media during the events, where, an imagineNATIVE representative will outline the process of participating.

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