Virtually step inside Ngāti Awa’s Wharenui – Mātaatua. Experience the mana of Whakatāne’s founding ancestral story “Irakewa” as it comes to life. Explore the difference between traditional oral storytelling and modern immersive storytelling.

Kat Lintott (Māori), Tama Kawha (Māori)
New Zealand | 2020 | VR

Kat is co-founder of Wrestler Agency and Studios, leading XR projects and creative IP through transmedia storytelling. Between building cross-platform worlds, she builds relationships and inspires others with values-led storytelling.

Tamati Kawha is involved in different areas of media design, film and performing arts. After directing two editions of the Māori Sidesteps, Tama completed his Masters of Fine Arts with a focus on motion capture technology.
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